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Wellness Care

We offer wellness visits. We Understand how valuable preventative care is in maintaining a healthy spine. It's just like a fine oiled car benefiting from routine oil changes to prolong performance and engine integrity.

  • No Insurance Hassle
  • No Monthly payment plan
  • Affordable care at one low price
  • Unlimited wellness visits

Active Care

For all you aches and pains. Active care is there to help correct subluxations and create an environment for healing. As a result, day to day activity becomes easier. Get back to feeling better again.

  • *Includes Low-Level Laser therapy
  • *Includes detox foot bath
  • *As needed/directed by doctor

From Infant to Geriactic?

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Common Symptoms

These symptoms are very common among conditions associated with a nerve that is irritated. Chiropractors find the cause, adjust the cause reducing inflammation. Symtoms:Hot/cold extremities, numbness/ Tingling, Headaches, Stiffness, pain, pain that travels and muscle weakness.


We offer some of the latest treatmetns to complement Chiropractic Care. Low Level Laser Therapy and Footbaths. The LL-Laser Therapy aids in speeding up healing which shortens recovery time, getting you back to enjoying life. The footbath by Erchonia aids in healing by helping the body detox.

New Patients

We Welcome You! Here you are not patients your family. Call us to check if we are running a New Patient Special.



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