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Active Care

Active Care help patients who are in pain or have been dealing with chronic joint conditions. Active Care treatment looks into patients history, lifestyle, and conditions to create a tailored treatment plan. It's our goal to correct the subluxation and rehab the area to optimize healing.


Laser Therapy

This laser, LZ30 is one of a kind, utilizing the healing ability of two different diodes, a red light and infrared. In conjuction with chiropractic care, laser therapy helps minimize treatment time and maximize results. This is the strongest class 3b laser on the market offered to professionals and is FDA cleared.

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Taping helps to support a joint while also allowing mobility. this is key when rehabbing a joint to minize restricting scar tissue and optimize proper healing alignment.

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Effects of Taping

Soft Tissue Rhabilitation

Improper healing can lead to restrictive bands of connective tissue to form what is called scar tissue. It can make moving about painful or uncomfortable. Graston Technique helps to brake up those bands of tissue, improve lymph and blood circulation around muscle, ligaments and joints.

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Corrective Exercises

We want you to achieve your health goal so we provide corrective exercises and ergonomic advice. Studies have shown an excerise program (stretching/workouts) along with ergonomics advice helps reduce pain, improve posture, and mobility for long term results.

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Effects of Exercise


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