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When was the last time you had your spine checked?

Be proactive by having your spine examine once a month for subluxations. Generally, Pain is the last thing to show up in a problem area and the first thing to go after getting treated. A recent study highlights the importance of routine spinal checks.It showed damaging changes to tissue at a celluar level within 4 weeks of having a subluxation.

Can You Imagine Going Years Before Your First Spinal Check!


Chiropractic visit - $42

Restrictions may apply to medicare eligible patients. Prices are subjected to change at anytime.


New Patient Special - $52

Applies to new patients and re-exams days. This visit includes a detailed exam and treatment.

*Restriction may apply to medicare eligible patients. Prices are subjected to change at anytime.

Brain Balancing

Stress, It's everywhere, at home, at work, and on your drive home. Studies prove stress has an effect on all of our body systems. Such as our hormones, sleep pattern, and thoughts. So what can we do about it. Get ADJUSTED!

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Effects of Stress

How Can Getting Adjusted Help?

We have learned we can influence our nervous system by adjusting subluxation on one side of the body.

What Role Does Our nervous System Play When It Comes To Battling Stress?

The act oc stressing out drives our "Flight and Fight" response. It's part of our nervous system that prepares our body to survive a dangerous situation. But, there is another side to our nervous system that does the opposite called "Rest and digest". It helps regulate sleep and digestion. More Info

Bringing it full circle.

Specific adjusting can help influence our nervous system to function in a "Rest and digest" state. This in turn causes a ripple affect among our other body systems. Patients report better sleeping, focusing, and improved balance.

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